Gyvlon Liquid Floor Screed

Clarke Contracts have been laying flowing floor screeds for over 15 years in hospitals, schools and residential developments which has now become a viable and attractive option for the one-off house builder.

Gyvlon are the UK and Ireland's market leading manufacturer and innovator of recycled anhydrite binder for use in flowing screeds and supplier of milled anhydrite. The name Gyvlon is synonymous with anhydrite flowing screeds due to their 20 year history of production, development and supply in the UK. 

This screed can be used with or without under-floor heating systems however the benefit of faster heat transference from heating element to floor finish has lead to a high demand on any projects that are using under-floor heating.

Clarke Contracts are approved applicators and meet the strict criteria for the application of Gyvlon and the complete flooring system - taking responsibility for the sub base approval and the installation of taped debonding membranes and specialised perimeter strips.

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